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CamIPElec : Drive an external device from your IP camera

CamIPElec provides IP camera owners the possibility of turning on and off any external device (Lights, TV, Radio, ...) from the web interface of the camera. The cameras equipped with motion or sound sensor can also turn on automatically any device through CamIPElec during a certain period of time defined by the user.

Picture of CamIPElec
wire to connect your ip camera to an external device

CamIPElec is made of a small waterproof (IP67) hub black box from which there are 3 wires :

  • An electric wire with a female powerplug,
  • An electric wire with a male powerplug,
  • A command wire to connect to the IP camera IO port.

CamIPElec is compatible with most of IP cameras on which there is an IO port connector (Axis, Mobotix, Panasonic, Sony, Vivotek, …, contact us for more manufacturers ).

The IO port of several IP cameras.

Example : CamIPElec is connected to an halogen garage lamp
ip camera connected to an halogen lamp

Here is what the installation looks like :
camipelec and an ip camera

Three versions of CamIPElec are available. It depends on the IO terminal connector of your IP Camera :
  • CamIPElec for IP cameras with transistor output (from 5 to 10V)
  • CamIPElec for IP cameras with switch relay
  • CamIPElect for PoE IP cameras

Contact us to know if CamIPElec is available for your camera.

Unit price : From 70 € to 150 € (according camera model) +VAT + handling and shipping.

Contact us for further information.